Advice on Port for SeaFrogs case for Sony 6300

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Re: Advice on Port for SeaFrogs case for Sony 6300

GilbertH wrote:

Hi @Barmaglot_07,
i saw you have som experience in Sony + Seafrogs underwater ... I have a couple of questions and would highly appreciate any help...

Which dome port did you use exactly for your comparison tests with the kit lens? and

‎WA005-B With the 40mm tube?

That one targets their DSLR housings.

Can i expect to get rid of missing sharpness and chromatic issues in the corners compared to the flat port?

To an extent. You still need to stop down to get reasonably sharp corners.

How would you rate the chance to get the 1655G lens (which is my kit replacement for higher quality over-water photograpy) into the ousing maybe using a longer extension tube? Maybe i can 3d print a Zoom Gear myself...

SeaFrogs don't sell extension tubes, as a rule. I haven't seen the 16-55mm G on any manufacturer's port chart either, which makes me think there's something that limits its use underwater. If nothing else, the f/2.8 maximum aperture is wasted underwater, and 16-70mm f/4 gives a better zoom range at a lower cost.

Is there any optical advantage for the glass versions or is this just affecting durability (which is a good reason to go for these variant i guess)

Glass domes are more durable and less floaty - acrylic domes, especially big ones, tend to float up and wrench your camera upwards unless you weigh them down with something. I can't comment on image quality - SeaFrogs has some bold statements to that effect, but I haven't tested one personally.

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