Is the Yashica DSB 55mm f1.2 rare?

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Re: Is the Yashica DSB 55mm f1.2 rare?

Liammetje wrote:

I recently found this lens in my grandpa's collection after his passing and it is working great.

I cannot find much about this lens what would something like this be worth?
Does anyone know this lens

Curious to see

Are you sure it’s 55 f/1.2 and not 55 1:2?

I am not aware of Yashica DSB 55/1.2.

There are Auto Yashinon/Tomioka 55/1.2 (also as a DS-M version) and Yashica ML 55/1.2 that I know about (I have Yashninon/Tomioka myself).

DSB were “cheaper” yashica line, usually single coated. If you have 55 f/1.2 (not 1:2), than it might be quite rare. Otherwise it is an ok lens with a value between 20-50 USD depending on the condition.

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