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Tom Axford wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

Tom Axford wrote:

Suppose you are in an art gallery and you enter a room filled with images (photographic or other) hung on the walls. The images are all 60 cm wide and 40 cm high (24" x 16" if you prefer feet and inches). How far away from each image do you stand when looking at it?

More specifically, what would be your preferred distance to view the image as a whole? Of course, you will need to go closer to view fine detail, but I am asking about your preferred distance when viewing the whole image to get an overall impression of the composition, atmosphere, etc.

... Cicala, that is, our central vision spans about 55 degrees:

For 60x40cm, the diagonal is about 72cm which leads to a viewing distance of about 69cm ...

... which makes it interesting that the poll majority is currently the next distance range up.

Yes, I had expected more people to choose the shorter distances.

It's not completely surprising. That paper which wad mentioned in this thread suggests preference for viewing at 1.3x the diagonal. Guidelines for viewing distance for movies are roughly between 1.2x and 1.6x the diagonal. It might seem that this is a different use case but I think that the goal is the same in both cases. To be able to view the whole image while being immersive. All abovementioned values fall into 80-120 cm viewing distance for your example.

I was also not 100% sure how to vote since my guess is around 80 cm. In the end, I voted for the shorter range but it might be as well in low part of the longer range.

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