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Re: z6iii spec rumors -z7 z8

NickZ2016 wrote:

Sticking with the Z7/6 body style basically limits you to people upgrading from a Z6/7. All the people that have held out wanting something closer to a D850 body style will continue to whine or maybe move to the Z9. But a chunk of them don't want the size. Yes I know a Z7 with a grip isn't going to be tiny but perception matters more than reality.

The other problem is if the Z8 looks just like a Z7 why even change the name?

If it's a Z8 that implies something closer to a D850 body style . Including things like ports and controls. A bigger body will also give them room for a full sized HDMI

Exactly, I have seen many wishes regarding Z8 with varying MP count and other specs but there was one common theme: a different body style closer to Z9 or D850.

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