Preferred viewing distance?

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Re: Preferred viewing distance?

mrdale wrote:

A generally accepted guideline is to find the diagonal measurement then 1.5X that is the minimum distance and 2X is the maximum distance. Of course distance may vary according to one's eyesight, do you wear glasses ?, possibly even how it is illuminated, etc.


It's quite likely that there are multiple mutually conflicting "generally accepted" guidelines.

One can also derive one from a "standard lens" and that gives 50/43 = 1.16x of the diagonal.

By the way, 60x40 cm print has a diagonal of 72 cm which translates to the viewing distance of 108 to 144 cm according to the rule that you mentioned. I recently visited a small local gallery and there were parts of the exhibition where it wasn't possible to watch all images from such large distance.

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