Nikon Mirrorless and DSLR system

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But overall, as a whole, the weight and size advantage with Nikon Z mirrorless system is negligible compared to Nikon DSLR system.

Often depends on the specifics. If you're a landscape photographer moving from D850 + 14-24 to Z7 + 14-24, the weight savings are substantial.

Exactly. Nikon Z 14-24 2.8S is the only lens in the primes and zooms with significant weight difference versus f mount lens as mentioned in the comparison.

D 850 with 14-24 2.8g......1915g

Z7ii with Z 14-24 2.8s.......1265g

D850 with f mount 2.8 trinity.....4245g

Z7ii with Z mount trinity.............3430g

Is 815g difference in the landscape photographer kit a substantial difference in weight.

With one lens example you mentioned, it is 615g and with trinity, it is 815g so it is a clear indication of the weight of other zooms.

For landscape work the 14-30mm is probably a better option and is much lighter still.

It is the cheaper, smaller, and lighter option. Whether or not it is better depends on use cases and priorities.

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