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Angenieux 50/1.9 Type S Story

We have a specialized old camera stores in Prague, one of them selling only old film staff. There is an army of the deal hunters around, it is like waiting in line for the free iPhones.

Several verbal fights occurred there, when one got his hands on some nice lens and the other literally tried to pull it out from them.

My best deals happened there though, either I was lucky, or the owner liked me. I found a set of the Nikon Micro Nikkors in the original wooden boxes, several interesting cine lenses such as Zeiss Super speeds MK ii and many others.

In that time, (5-6 years ago) the owner didn’t use internet to check the prices, he estimated the value according to his (huge) experience, but as market evolved, he often offered these gems for a peanuts, considering them useless.

Well, not my best deal, but funniest probably, was with the Leica If equipped with the Angenieux 50mm f/1.9 Type S in the original LTM mount.

I was in the store, when the owner showed me that combo. Knowing a bit about Leica If, I almost overlooked the lens attached. The price asked was around 650 USD and I was considering if it can pay off, after I plays with it for a while.

Since only cash is accepted in the store, I asked a seller to put it aside, in order to get the cash from the bank machine.

That is usually very risky, because if any of the hunters gets in and sees it, before I return, he might just fight it out, and it will be gone forever.

But I was not that worried, it looked like an ok deal, nothing special though.

Meanwhile the nature forced me to search for the toilet first, which I found in the McDonalds across the street. Sitting on the shell, with my pants down, I searched for the lens on the web.

At first, not many hits, but than I found some info about f/1.5 version and… holly you know what. I assumed that 1.8 won’t be that expensive, but still…

Visitors of the McDonald were stop chewing, staring at the guy who was running across the restaurant, with his pants still at half, and undoubtedly insane look in the eyes.

The first bank machine was broken, I had to run to the second, wait eternity for money to pop-up, and run back to the store. My hearth was beating like crazy, I was red in face and could barely speak when I tried to act calmly and said:

“So, I’m back for that Leica, you know…”

The young lady who is selling there looked at me: “Is everything ok, shouldn’t I call the ambulance?”

“No, everything is perfectly fine, I just took some jogging to stay in shape”, I lied.

She took a good look at me, and if I saw it well, she chuckled a little.

I paid for my camera and walked out of the store with adrenalin dipping out of my hair.

On the door, one of the deal hunters stoped me asking if I won’t sell it for a double?

“No way mate, I know what I have” I said.

“Ok than, your pants are unzipped btw.” he replied with a notion of sarcasm.

The lens needed some cleaning, but it was really good after. I made a brief writing about it - here.

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