Fall hike with the AZ652

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Re: Fall hike with the AZ652

Hike Pics wrote:

You sure do live in a beautiful area over there. Wonderful photos! I'm glad you have some color there. That river is nice and all those rocks make for some great textures. Do you ever do any rock hunting while you are around the rivers and streams? I bet there are some interesting ones to be found.

Thanks and yes, I often spend some time kneeling and looking at the many shapes, textures, colors, etc. of river rocks. The dark rocks with ribbons of white or even a reddish color are very interesting. Then I get into my rock skipping mood..lol. Most kids know how to do it. Gf and I always pick up a "skipper" if there's water around. I have some bigger smooth river rocks as landscaping near my porch. Add in some succulents, big cones from Sugar pines and it makes for a nice look. Below pic of the cairns is always cool to see on the trail. Mostly they are seen as trail markers.

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