PC is on it's last leg, to Apple or not?

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Re: PC is on it's last leg, to Apple or not?

dmanthree wrote:

Sactojim wrote:

dmanthree wrote:

from a PC to Apple because some of their favorite programs may not work.

Absolutely. And to make a switch across an entire company without testing everything? That's just idiotic.

LOL..lots of Monday morning quarterbacks posting. The test program was very small, maybe 30-50 units. I said nothing about the whole company so my fault for not making that more clear. And yes, the IT people quickly found out that Apple products do in fact break down at the same rate as pc's. Poster above hit on something that's a likely scenario where one of the top level VP's was a Apple lover and got their foot into the IT department for a trial. End result is there was no way the company wanted to switch and it's still the right reason today due to the big majority of business running pc's.

Apple is the top rated brand for reliability. There's lots of data on this. If you had Apples breaking at the same rate as PCs, your IT department didn't know what they were doing. A typical example of brand reliability:


Let me guess..you are all in on Apple? If they were so infallible, why do the big majority of companies use Windows? Answers: https://www.mychoicesoftware.com/blogs/news/why-do-so-many-companies-use-windows-os

"According to StatCounter in May 2018, 81.73% of all computer users were running some version of Windows. Yes, over 80% of computer users. Clearly, they are doing something right".

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