How about a Z body road map!

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Re: How about a Z body road map!

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

vockman wrote:

As usual Nikon is taking its loyal client base for granted. The frenzied reaction thread to a Z8 leak demonstrates how eager Z users are for new body iterations but also how much Z users would appreciate information to make better purchasing decisions. Meanwhile Canon, Sony and Fuji are reiterating at a rapid and predictable pace and offering a wide range of bodies. Of course the Z8 is just based on a leak but Nikon Rumors is typically pretty accurate about what is coming down the line.

I love my Z6s and have no plans on switching systems but I will be annoyed, after all this time, if a Z8 is released with the guesstimated specs and no information or release dates is available about other upcoming bodies and basic specs.

I favor getting two Z6IIIs but if the Z8 comes out and I have no idea if and when a Z6III type body is coming, I will feel pressure to buy a Z8 to replace my well worn and older tech Z6s.

It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to be a Nikon user these days and if Nikon is becoming a niche artisanal camera company they need to do a better job keeping up the enthusiasm of their users. The Z lens roadmap has been helpful so how about a Z body road map!

I think they don't want to give any more info to the competition than is necessary, at least until a body is ready to be released. I mean the only thing we get from Sony and Canon when a body is ready to be released is rumors (which are not always from the mfr, but can be strategically "leaked" rumors) but rather a product announcement before the release (usually 1-3 months head). But a full body roadmap is like giving the competition free info. I think Nikon is trying to be a bit more subtle and quiet about upcoming products as a means to remain competitive.

The competition (industry) knows enough. These camera's are not created in secret closed off labs, there are many many side companies involved in design and development. The only 'competitor' in relation to this is your (future) customer, especially those who want the latest and greatest.


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