Tamron FW update 17-70 and 18-300

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Re: Tamron FW update 17-70 and 18-300

Lettermanian wrote:

fotoword wrote:

I updated earlier today as someone posted that it was available for the 17-70.

It didn't fix the slow return to shooting mode from playback mode unfortunately.

I don't use shooting only setting so didn't really need to update but was hoping it might resolve my issue.

Thanks for posting


I updated my 17-70 this morning and though I rarely use AF-C or Shooting Only for IS, it seems to work as advertised: the VC is working when in those modes with the shutter button half-pressed.

Are you using the lens on an X-T1? On my X-T3 the shift from playback to shooting is a second or less.

Thanks for the reply.

I tried it on the xh2s and the xt4 with the same result,  it's good to know yours is working better on the xt3 at least.

I'll check it on the xe4 later as that doesn't have Ibis, just in case it's an issue between the lens ois and the body Ibis.



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