Yashica ML VS Contax AE/MM

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Diacyclops81 Contributing Member • Posts: 677
Re: Yashica ML VS Contax AE/MM

I have many MLs and precursors to those. Started by getting a Yashica body with the Contax 50 1.4, long ago, and eventually with retirement and the usual GAS I began collecting lots of things. Ugh. Anyway, there are some Yash lenses that are particularly good. The later 50 1.7 is quite good, but be aware there were at least two versions of it. Some DSM lenses are nice, like the 28 2.8.  The 50 1.4 versions are not quite the best of the vintage 1.4s; I lean toward the Minoltas and others there. The macros are adequate, as are a couple zooms. As stated above, most are totally sufficient, possibly above average, and affordable.

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