Australian prices for XT5 vs XH2

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Re: Australian prices for XT5 vs XH2

I think the xh2 was priced at about $3200 on release with the xh2s being around $3900.

Both have dropped significantly in the short months following. Not sure if it's too do with the exchange rate fluctuations or the fact that the USA model (at least for the xh2s) included a high capacity cfexpress card which Australia didn't get.

I would hope to see the xt5 following a similar pattern (although I am not in the market for one).

I purchased the xh2s at the higher price and I already have a perfectly good xt4 so I would prefer to spend money on lenses.

I got some great discounts at financial end of year sales with Fuji cashback making some lenses much more affordable. But I haven't seen those prices repeated yet. Let's see what happens over the next few weeks.

And as I finished writing this I found an email from Fujifilm with some cashback promotions on a few X lenses but no X bodies that will run to early January. Nothing for the 70-300 of course as it's probably still hard to get. Mostly zooms are on offer.



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