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Re: f/stop clarification on P1000

sherman_levine wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

Because of diffraction, most 1/2.3" cameras are (usably) limited to f/8, (no f/11 or f/16 marked on lens)

So I can understand that the USABLE f/stop range @ 24mm can indeed be from f/2.8 to f/8. (aka "4" usable f/stops -- f/2.8-f/4-f/5.6-f/8)

But I see that the widest f/stop on P1000 starts @ f/8 ... what then is the smallest-physical f/stop ??? (aka 4 stops would be f/8-f/11-f/16-f/22)

And are they usable w/out excessive diffraction ???

I'm pretty sure the aperture range at 3000 mm EFL is limited to just 8, and the narrowest aperture at any focal length is 8.

That's an effective aperture of 45.

You can see some examples here


It's rather hard to find full-zoom (539mm) images appropriate for testing diffraction here. Those at long distances are limited by atmospheric distortion, so you're pretty much limited to birds and small animals.

The night heron shots near the end of this album were taken with P950 at full zoom (357mm) as raw, if that's of any value to you


Sherm, there was a thread that showed the max Aperture at each focal length for the P900/P950/P1000, do you know where that thread is-- I haven't been able to find it since.

There was also a thread comparing images taken with both the P900 and the P950 jpg images, do you know where that thread is? I think you had both for a time and stated that you could not tell the difference between the images from the two cameras in jpg mode (is my memory correct?). I'm trying to do a comparison myself since I have both right now.

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