Sigma 18-50 coming on Wednesday - going to preorder?

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Re: Sigma 18-50 coming on Wednesday - going to preorder?

GreatOceanSoftware wrote:

I'm wondering what's going on with the reviews. Chris and Jordan, and Christopher Frost give it a bit of a negative-neutral review, but Omar Gonzales and Hugh Brownstone give it much more positive reviews. Particularly striking was how poor the corners were at 55mm on Christopher Frost's review was.

I have the XF 18-55. Got a white box copy for $350, and it's outstanding. OIS, aperture ring, Fujifilm color casting (my Sigma 18-300 is a bit warm), "correct" zoom ring direction, all seem to outweigh the constant 2.8 aperture and close focusing distance for me. And the XF lenses still seem to have a better-quality feel in hand.

I really like my Sigma 18-300, but it's not directly duplicated in the Fujifilm lineup, so it has its place in my bag.

At the moment in Australia the Fuji 18-55 can be had for about $440aud from a bricks & mortar store selling on eBay (after a roughly $40 discount whereas the Sony version of the Sigma 18-50 from an online eBay store that is connected with the distributor of Sigma products had it at about 640 after a $40 discount.

Sigma must not see the 18-55 as a competitor simply because of the aperture. I guess it's hard to make a direct comparison between them and the Fuji 16-55.

If size and aperture are your priority then you might opt for the Sigma (especially it's it's for a stabilised body.

I have the 18-55 so the Sigma is not an option for me. I just received the tamron 17-70 which is larger and with greater reach then the 18-55 and I think it's a better competitor to the 16-55 than the Sigma.

When I'm travelling, I'd take the 10-24 and the 35 1.4 along with the Sigma 56 1.4.

Probably also the Canon 55-250 with the Fuji 1.4 tc in front of the fringer for completeness and reach.

But for some, this lens might be a standout.



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