What Don't You Like About Your S Series Camea?

Started Nov 16, 2022 | Questions thread
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Nothing!! :) (S1R, Details inside)

I have an S1R which I've bought in the end of November 2021. So I am using it for almost a year already.

What I like in this camera especially:

  • Ergonomics. This camera is THE most comfortable camera of all digital cameras I've ever used. Camera is extremely well though out - everything works "as it should be", everything appears in the places you expect it to be. It's delight to use this camera!
  • IQ - Colors. Panasonic has a special approach to color balance in the pictures. It may not be too obvious if you look at synthetic test pictures but panasonic is good in delivering lifelike landscapes (this is very important to me). People are not bad also, no problems with skintones (despite that YELLOWISH tint on DPReview's test photos!)
  • IQ - Resolution. I love having 47MP! It means you have great details in cityscapes, it means you have great opportunity to crop a 12-15Mp image with a bird and it still will be large enough to print. Personally I will never look on a low res FF camera again...
  • Great combined image stabilizer. With S1R I can shoot with shutter time of 1 second, handheld and get a completely good image! I enjoy that.
  • 20-60 lens. It is a dark kit lens, but it's FL range makes it VERY-VERY useful in the cities. And it delivers enough resolution to handle 47MP! So it is one of the very few kit lenses I keep using regularly.

What I like in this camera:

  • High ISO noise. I think it delivers great results. With DXO as my main RAW developer, I can use ISOs up to 12800. I think this is totally enough even in darkest of situations!
  • AF. Yes, I like how autofocus works on my S1R, I was NEVER disappointed by it. Not even when I was shooting Birds in Flight shots. I don't shoot videos at all, so I can tell nothing about that.
  • EVF quality. It's great, period.
  • Screen with two axes of articulation - very comfortable, I don't believe I am saying this, but it's better the fully articulating screen which I love.

What is not right in the camera?

  • Strange On/Off switch position.

AND NOTHING ELSE! Really! This position may be made as it is to make it better with battery grip. AND it is not awful, you just have to bend your finger a bit more then usual to operate it with right hand.

What is nor right for me in the system?

  • Not enough zoom lenses. I would be happy to have 24-240 lens or something like that... Extremely large amount of prime lenses partially compensate this...

I hope this was useful.

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