I Hope Panasonic Is Different...

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Re: Panasonic Is Different...

Opera207 wrote:

There is no perfect camera in the market.

A1: bad LCD and IBIS;

EOS R5: Low dynamic range on video, no clog2;

EOS R3: low resolution, no clog2;

Z9: heavy, n-log not so good;

gfx100s: bad af, low flash sync; rolling shutter;

X2D: bad af, expensive lenses, rolling shutter; no mechanic shutter, bad for third party lenses.

S5, S1H: bad afc.


There never was a perfect camera. NEVER. Even the best of DSLRs, Nikon D850 has it's drawbacks...

So, each choses the camera that has as much strong sides that are important to him as possible with drawbacks that he is ready to agree with.

For me right now it's Panasonic S1R. I own it for 1 year almost and the more I use it the more I enjoy doing it.

I think this camera will stay with me for a couple of more years or so... I hope Panasonic will issue it's replacement by then

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