Underwater housing for Sony RX1R2 ?

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Re: Underwater housing for Sony RX1R2 ?

I don't think one exists; there is just no point in spending thousands to house this camera, as it can't really work underwater. The 35mm fixed prime lens is a very bad fit for underwater photography - it's too short to do macro, even with close-up lenses, and it doesn't look like it'd work with wet wide lenses either - for one thing, the focal length is also wrong for it (most of them target 28mm, some target 24mm, and a very few target 60mm macro), and for another, the large front element suggests a deep-set entrance pupil, which would likely produce vignetting on top of the already-narrow angle of view.

Basically, underwater, you always want to get as close as possible to your subject, and then get a little closer still - every extra inch of water between the subject and your lens degrades image quality. This means using either fisheye or ultrawide lenses to shoot larger subjects, or macro lenses to shoot tiny critters. RX1 fits neither of those niches.

For snorkeling, you could put it into a plastic bag and take a few snapshots (before the camera eats some salt water and dies), but for diving you'll need a different camera.

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