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Re: Latest FFF Update - From July n/t

verric wrote:

I've been a huge fan of the Foveon and bought an SD1M way back in 2014.

IMO, Sigma made a huge mistake forgoing the 1:1:1 Merrill to develop the Quattro and FP nonsense. ANYONE even considering a "new" camera would be hard pressed to say no to ANY Nikon, Canon, Sony or whatever else along the way and say, "Nah, none of those manufactures gets my money, I'm going with a Quattro or FP".... Seriously?? Only past Sigma camera buyers ( for the most part) would even find their money there.

Now Sigma's head cheese wants to possibly deliberate phase detect AF with the FFF. Bruh, just solve the processing issues, I don't care if the read times are the same or worse, I don't care if you improve the screen, just get it sorted. I don't even care (well, maybe a little) if you throw the FFF in the arthritic inducing DP series camera. Hell, throw the FFF in the million SD1M bodies you have lying around that did not sell for 10K USD when launched.....(wow) and put it out there.

Anyone looking to buy the FFF (if it's ever realized) IS NOT looking at any other camera to do what it can or cannot do for what it is. A FFF's strength is unbeatable, on a tripod, at 100ISO, with sufficient light and a static subject. With that, bright light indoor,outdoor architecture, portraiture, still life, product or landscape is a done deal. Period.

Only those that KNOW how to expose the SD1M Merrill sensor would echo these exact statements. I wish I still had the test files lying around but trust me when I say this. I put up my SD1M with the 18-35 against a GFX100 and it destroyed the GFX. It was not even close to matching the micro contrast, color reproduction, tonal gradation, sharpness detail and 3D aspect. All with sensor even smaller than APSC?? So the thought of a FFF?? Damn. I'm all over that if it ever happens.

With the advent of the latest AI software to clean up noise and increase file size for large print work, the FFF major weaknesses are even more diminished. Yeah the AF is slow and clunky. But that is nothing to complain about if you know what you're buying and what it's limitations are. Otherwise, I'll work with an X2D100C and a simple R5 for client work. The FFF if time and light are on my side.

Yea, Sigma had a very niche and very odd but outstanding product with the merrills. They decided to "polish" it a bit with Q which made it almost too ordinary while losing that special 1:1:1 look.

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