Will the Z7 ii Convert a Negative Scan to Positive

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Re: I use the ES-2 with my Z6 II. Bring in to Lightroom

ggbutcher wrote:

PLShutterbug wrote:

Thanks for this, that will help in post-processing. I was asking if the poster was able to make the cast disappear in camera, in the JPG review. That will require a custom picture control created in the Nikon picture control utility. I have been able to reverse the image in-camera but not reverse the cast.

Oh, in-camera...

Yeah, not sure how taking out the cast could be done with the Nikon Picture Control tools. You might be able to come up with a setting in the white balance Fine Tuning tool, increasing the blue...

I think you can change the white balance of the camera itself. Not sure how far you can go out of "neutral". That orange "cast" is rather intense

How much, you can find out by metering the RGB of unexposed film lead in, or between sprocket holes.

Then you need to adjust the white balance by that much.

You could store that in a U mode. But every film brand/version had it own cast. And Kodacolor (I) had no cast

There were also lists of the casts per brand. Which I actually used with my color enlarger. I made "decasted" thumbnails and decided the final adjustment from those.

Since you need to fine tune in a photo editor anyway, it seems very farfetched. In Gimp I just use a menuitem "colorreversal", then look for something really white or grey. If not I adjust the subject to taste assuming it is in daylight or candescent light.

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