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Re: Why is metering not more automatic and based on the Raw histogram?

JasonTheBirder wrote:

BertIverson wrote:

JasonTheBirder wrote:


The thing is, if cameras had a mode that would expose ETTR in Raw then that would be exactly what I want -- I don't need or want more dynamic range that would come from stacking.

Hi Jason - my thoughts ...

For these HDR / ETTR type shots, I (shooting raw ), have a button programmed to bracket: -1, 0, +1 EV. The +1 shot is pretty much ETTR, the -1 shot will preserve highlights, the 0EV might actually be right for my needs. I get to choose during PP.

Actually, with the latest NR software, I quit trying to do ETTR a year or so ago, and now worry more about highlights and blue skies.

It is true Bert....I actually don't "need" this mode that much and I rarely have trouble with exposure. In just some very specific situations in bird photography it would be more efficient for me, but it's not really a big deal.

When I was in my "ETTR phase", I also wished for (simple) clever ETTR metering but it never showed up. However, it sounds like you have metering under control.


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