Atomos Ninja Audio Calibration - No Audio Detected

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Atomos Ninja Audio Calibration - No Audio Detected


I've watched several videos now regarding syncing the audio in the Atomos Ninja, but every time I try to calibrate, I get a "no audio detected" message.

I thought it might be my HDMI or audio cable but I tried several tests.

1. no mic on camera or ninja

2. rode NTG mic on camera only

3. rode NTG mic on ninja only (the way that I would like to use it as I read the pre-amps are better)

In all three cases I get levels on back of camera, levels on back of ninja, and I can monitor the audio both on the camera and ninja.

One thing that's confusing me however, is that on the back of the nina, the instructions when calibrating says "correct the offset of the AtomX Sync Timecode (if fitted) and the Mic/Line Audio due to camera video encoding delay"

I am not using any timecode sync device, but in every video I watched, there is no mention of timecode. It's only about making sure the external mic which is connected directly to the nina, matches the audio coming over via the HDMI cable.

So I'm at a loss on how to calibrate my external mic/HMI mic signal. I must be misunderstanding something.

Appreciate the help.



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