24-70 2.8g vs e

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Re: 24-70 2.8g vs e

patricksmith32 wrote:

Hexlord79 wrote:

patricksmith32 wrote:

Thousands of the G lenses have been broken beyond repair by bumping the zoom ring.

You have any official stats to back that info up? First time I heard of "thousands" being damaged that way lolz.

Well, since you called me out…yes I do… it’s called a great relationship with a Nikon/NPS. (Kidding by the way about calling me out.) Not kidding though, not only have I worked at a major store but I’m a photojournalist and I used to handle all of the pool gear. So the buying, selling, repairing, etc., etc.! Nikon told me they saw that particular issue all of the time. It’s a well known issue. Just Google it or watch Matt Granger tell about it, I believe he went through 3 copies. Anyways they made hundreds of thousands according to the different serial numbers. I haven’t done the math but it’s between 500k and 1 million copies of the G-type 24-70mm we’re made. So since it’s a well known issue, yes absolutely that would equal thousands.

This is me below, with some gear, and some recently published news stories/photos. I have had a relationship with Nikon since 2001. I’ll include an image I took at the 2003 World Series as well as an image of me sitting in the Angels dugout before a game.

Thank you for the clarification (also nice work with your photos).

But the issue's generally faced by working photojournalists such as yourself... I think for casual/freelancers like me that problem may never really pop up if ever. A general kind of bumping caused the zoom ring to stop working?

I'll be mindful when I have to use my copy though~ cheers.

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