S1R and Birds In Flight. Is that even possible?

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S1R and Birds In Flight. Is that even possible?

Well, we all know that wining about DFD AF quality. Lots of people say even then DFD equals to Manual Focus.

A for me, I never had ANY issues with S1R AF. I am very satisfied with it's quality. BUT I shoot in AF-S mainly. It works perfectly for me - in any lighting conditions, with any subjects. Yet I usually don't shoot anything dynamic.

Yesterday that changed. Yesterday I was shooting flying seagulls quite alot.

I must tell that I am not a specialist of shooting BIF shots AT ALL. I've tried that for a few times and I never was able to get nice shots. I've tried to catch ducks in flight, seagulls, pigeons... Nothing special, large birds and almost ZERO good shots. Cameras that I was trying to use were from Sony, Nikon and Fuji and all of them had Phase Detect AF...

Well, not expecting ANYTHING this time I began to shoot seagulls. With "bad" DFD AF, in AF-C, that is "not usable" on S1R according to some people. According to many people actually.

Yet... It went exceptionally good and easy! For the first time in my life a have TONS of 100% in-focus seagull shots!

I have no idea why people hate DFD focus that much! Camera locks on birds very fast and reliable, Using the camera to catch BIF shots is very convenient and easy. As the time passes, I enjoy my S1R more and more. Actually, I've never seen anything in this camera that annoys me!

The last thing that I can imagine now to understand why people hate DFD is shooting movies. I never do that, so I think I will not test it... But as a PHOTO camera S1R is simply fantastic! Even after 3 years after release.

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