Ricoh warranty and dust on sensor removal?

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Re: Ricoh warranty and dust on sensor removal?

Tazu wrote:


I received my brand new GRIII two weeks ago and am very happy with the results: fantastic quality of the images, great handling, sturdy feel in my hand despite the small size. Completely in love with it and maybe the best shooting experience I had in many years.

But this morning, after several shots, I discovered two dust spots on my images in replay mode. The two spots are always in the same place.
I then made several shots of a blue sky to test. These two spots appear when I shoot from f/3.5 to f/16 (the dust spots become smaller but also very much sharper at f/16). No visible dust spots with shots at f/2.8 and f/3.2. The spots also appear on the LCD when I press the shutter release halfway.

To minimize the chances of getting dust on the sensor, the day I received the GRIII, I immediately placed an NISI adapter and a UV filter before even taking the first shot. I place a lens cap when not shooting. When I don't shoot, the camera is in my hand or inside a clean bag. I never put it inside my pockets. During the 2 weeks I have my GRIII, I never shot in windy environments, never on a sandy beach or in the rain, but mostly indoors.
I guess I am one of the unlucky people that gets dust on the sensor so soon in a brand new camera.

Does the Ricoh warranty cover removing dust from the sensor? I will send it to be cleaned, but the truth is I do not know what to do when the camera will come back from dust removal. What can I do more than I did to not get dust on the sensor again?

Like I said at the beginning of my post, I love the camera, enjoy shooting with it, love the images it produces and I would like to keep it and continue to shoot with it, but I do not want to send it to dust removal now and then.


did you check your very first shots with the camera? it is not unheard of a ricoh camera leaving the factory with dust spots. i personally think that you are entitled to a new camera, not a repair. (although depending on country and seller, this may not always be a viable option)

good luck

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