First Day w RF 85mm f1.2 vs DS version

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Re: First Day w RF 85mm f1.2 vs DS version

Thank you for the detail impressions!   You've made some very interesting findings that I have not heard from others (I would have thought the youtubers would have tested) That is interesting that you indicate the DS is sharper and not as narrow even for the portion that is supposed to be in focus. From what I've heard they should be identical bokeh after f/2.0 as well. I'd be curious to see comparisons at f/2.8 or so if you still have them.

Either way both lenses are insanely impressive. It really makes me rarely try to find excuses to shoot at 85mm even when other focal lengths probably would be better. I've noticed the color and contrast is better than my RF70-200 2.8 as well.

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