Is It Legal to Photograph in Cemeteries?

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Re: Is It Legal to Photograph in Cemeteries?

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I have in the past shot a lot of images in cemeteries and am considering a zine of my work. I live in the USA, midwest. Is it legal to photograph in a cemetery without first getting permission? I've been approached a few times by cemetery employees telling me I was not allowed to photograph. Just curious about this. Thanks.

Some stones and mausoleums are considered intellectual property, so cemeteries that have these will often have the rules, while others don't.

Here in the NYC area, we have "Woodlawn Cemetery" in the Bronx where many famous and wealthy people are buried, which requires that you get a permit at the office to photograph, where they will alert you about the protected monuments. Some other cemeteries seem to not care at all about photography, especially the smaller ones without regular offices or keepers.

I guess it all depends if you are shooting when you are on the cemetery property. Their policy doesn't override your rights...

I guess that depends on the laws where you are shooting. In the US if you're on private property the owner is within their legal right to ask you to leave if they do have a photography policy. Most if not all indoor malls in the US do not allow photography.

I know of 2 well-known cemeteries in Philly that don't seem to have any restrictions on photography - Laurel Hill and Mount Moriah.

Some malls do allow photography

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