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Re: Camera size-weight comparison

richj20 wrote:

Several have mentioned that FF cameras have become smaller and lighter. Mirrorless has helped achieved that.

Example: comparing my Panasonic GX8 and Sony A7Rii.

But consider the lenses, people say, where FF are larger, heavier.

This is correct if comparing like for like: Panasonic 12-35 and Sony 24-70, for example. But suppose one chooses to use the lighter FF prime lenses as I do.

One comparison I have is:

The gap has closed with bodies for sure, and lenses like you've demonstrated are getting there.

As soon as you hit up the pro zooms for m43 like OM, there's not a lot that comes close. Those options exist because people want as good quality on m43 as physics dictates. You know what though, I don't know how OM's prime lenses compare to the zooms in terms of image quality. I hear extremely good things about them.

Another factor you have is the aperture of the lenses; take the pro trio of f1.2 lenses - they are larger indeed, but they have to be don't they. Especially as people want "equivalence" - like subject separation etc. Although that is also a matter of technique and focal length, not just aperture.

For the zooms, the M.Zuiko 12-100mm f4 Pro is simply incredible; at the expense of size and weight. That will always be the catch, if you want the best glass, it will cost the most money and be bigger and heavier.

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