XH2s stuck shutter 😟

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Re: XH2s stuck shutter 😟

Just to update anyone who is interested on the outcome of this issue.

I got the camera back from Fuji today.

They fitted another shutter.

'Const Shutter Unit X-H2S'

From their notes:

'Dismantle Camera Completely and Replace Listed Part.

Reassemble and reset program values

Adjust Shutter Operation

General Clean and Test'


Hopefully, that part is fixed and won't cause any more concern.

However, the front Focus Mode button (CSM) no longer does anything.

I will talk to them about this next week.  I don't really want to wait 3 weeks again to get it checked.

Maybe there is a setting that has turned it off, but I doubt it. I tried setting it to something else but that made no difference.

Originally I had taken the camera to my local store (where I bought it) and they were going to send it to Fuji but after 3 weeks they returned it to me saying it was  back and 'fixed' but once I looked at it I noticed it was still sitting in the copyright page and after calling Fuji I realised it hadn't gone to Fuji or anywhere else as they had not work number or record of receiving it. The camera store apologised  but were not able to explain what happened.   This was quite annoying.

So I found out the fujifilm head office is only a short drive away so I took it to them and they sent it to their repair facility and it was another 22 days door to door.

I had setup most of my custom settings again (as I did not have a backup before) and while testing the camera I realised that the MCS button no longer worked!

I believe there is a way to back up the settings and I will have to investigate that.

I have been without the camera for 6+ weeks now but at least the XT4 has been rock solid.  I also picked up an XE4 while waiting and it has been a joy.  I think I qualify for the Fuji free pro service plan or whatever it's called as I have the requisite gear.  I will have to apply for that I think.

I will see if they will let me send the camera back later as I would like to use it for a while first.



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