Blood Moon 😡

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Fuegi wrote:

fotoword wrote:

Peter M J wrote:

Hi Paul

A good effort Photographing the Moon is not as easy as it seems. The earth and the moon are both moving quite large distances IN ONE SECOND

Hi Peter

Thank you.

I definitely did not find it easy lol.

There were too many things going wrong from tripod not cooperating issues to forgetting where any camera settings were on my xt4.

The movement of earth and moon didn't help.

Here is one of my efforts ( with exposure details etc ) Its a little bit oversharpened

That is amazingly sharp and detailed.

I used a tripod- Why not try again with a faster shutter speed ?

I chose a one second exposure because I was not getting much of an image at the faster shutter speed and I wanted to reduce ISO from 6400 to 3200.

I did try shorter durations but they were either too dark or for some reason the was shake it very obvious motion blur funnily enough.

Thanks for the reply and the connects




Hey Paul,

I'm a fellow moon enthusiast as well. The moon should never be shot at a shutter speed less than 1/125th in my opinion (unless you have a tracking mount). Were you accidentally shaking your tripod when using faster shutter speeds?

Most definitely, there were 2 issues, 1. not using the timer and 2. when using the timer, grabbing the camera when the exposure started (the beep threw me off). I got plenty of really bad shots.

In terms of tracking mount the camera and tripod were off doing there own tracking as for some reason the arca Swiss p0 ballhead seemed to sag a little, which didn't help.

Try to use the 2 second self timer feature to allow the lens to stop its shake. When shooting a regular full moon, my typical settings are base iso (160), shutter speed around 1/180th, and aperture of f8. The blood moon or lunar eclipse is much darker so maybe 1/125th of a second, f8, and then adjust ISO to get things looking right in the viewfinder (possibly ISO 800)

I guess I was already at f8 with the tc.

Your settings surprise me but I checked some previous photos I'd taken of a normal full moon a few years ago with an Olympus em1 and they were at 1/400, ISO 200 f8.  I think that time I was trying to cut down the light to get some detail.

Heavily cropped Oly em1 image

This image has a little more detail in it.

I try to shoot the moon at least once every 4 years or so lol.

Thank you for commenting, really appreciate the tips.



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