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Jan Steinman wrote:

tomrandall86 wrote:

I have to say I've been feeling the allure as well, so I've been in self-debate about it all… it's turned into a self debate on either investing in an E-M1 mark III, jumping straight to the OM-1, or trying out a bigger sensor.

The OM-1 gives you lots of tools for approaching (and perhaps exceeding) full frame.

You mentioned tripod-HR as a way of getting four times the pixels.

The wide variety of stacking and bracketing modes should not be discounted as useful tools, too. If all you want is less noise, you can just fire a short burst at 120 frames a second and stack them.

I'm rather fond of panorama techniques. (Too bad the OM-1 doesn't include in-body pano stitching, as earlier models did.) I've been doing this since the turn of the century, and have even hand-stitched 4"x5" drum scans to make gigapixel images! (Those were the days of "coffee break" stitching speeds.)

Technique will get you through times of poor technology better than technology will get you through times of poor technique.

Absolutely on the technique statement! I’m not worried about noise. Sometimes I think I’m getting worried about noise when people start banging on about how images “need” to be crystal clear but noise on OM cameras can be avoided by exposing properly and then being careful with post processing. Plus the myriad of tools available now to help clean up.

This is what I was saying about being in self debate but then really just asking myself. You know what it comes down to? Gear envy. I go down the wormhole of “surely I’d get better quality images out of a bigger sensor”, but then remind myself that is not necessarily true. Sure, more resolution is more detail, more detail means you can print bigger and retain that detail (at the appropriate viewing distance).

I mean, I’m now laughing at myself for being a dirty pixel peeper.

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