Any P&S pics taken with 300D that I can see?

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Re: Thank you, another thought.....

cujimmy wrote:

....I read the Rebels manual online and this camera looks like a
great model for learning on. If I am right it looked like I could
do some parts auto and some parts manual, ie set the aperture value
manually and leave the camera to choose the shutter speed and visa
versa. I am correct in this? If so this would be a great way to
play around and learn how much difference each setting can make to
the photo one step at a time. Please correct me if I am wrong!

For the most part you are correct, but be advised that using the DR in certain modes can give you a surprise.

For example, if you try to use it in Av mode with the flash raised, it'll give you a longer exposure (based on the ambient lighting) than you might think it would. Of course, the solution to this (if you don't want the longer exposure) is to use full manual and choose both the shutter speed and aperture yourself. I do this a lot for my macro shots with flash.


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