Add-on grip for ZS200 or LX100ii?

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Re: Add-on grip for ZS200 or LX100ii?

Ken SC wrote:


You're use case may be different from mine and you are welcome to your opinion.

What I don't understand is why you need to denigrate the experience of others. Jeff asked if anyone has had a positive experience with an add-on grip. I have and I shared my experience. I didn't say the camera was unusable without a grip, just I like it with. BTW, I had over 2000 shutter clicks across 7 countries before adding the grip.

I do a lot of nature photography for scientific documentation. My subject may only hold still for seconds. Anything that helps me get the shot is important. With the grip I can even manually focus with a one-hand hold (index finger on the shutter, middle finger on the lens ring and two fingers to hold the camera).

The grip is not large, another subjective judgement. It doesn't extend past the lens. The camera fits in the same case I used before installing the grip. When in the field I wear the case cross-body. I can quickly grab the camera and get a shot in seconds. The grip actually makes it faster to get the camera out of the case.


Why are you so offended?

I’m not trying to denigrate the experience of anyone. Why on earth should I and what would it gain me? You find the grip useful which is fine. I don’t see the need for it at all which is fine. I was only trying to help the OP and my intention was to clarify the subjective nature of his request, nothing more

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