Why is it always a 14-24?

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Re: Why is it always a 14-24?

bbouras09 wrote:

Every time I run across Canon’s 15-35 2.8, I always think: Man…I wish Nikon would come out with an S-line version of this focal length and max aperture.

Does anyone else feel this way or are you all just fine with the 14-24?

I’m very hesitant to adapt lenses from other brands and I don’t own (or want to own) an FTZ anymore (so the Tamrons are kind of out for me). I’m big on native. But not sure a native version of that lens will ever come.

Thanks for listening!

Because literally everyone owns some kind of 35mm prime or 24-70 zoom. If you find yourself using 24-35mm range more than 14-24 range than you'd be better off with 24-70. 14-24 is primarily landscape lens. You either need UWA or you don't. If you do, then 14-24 have you covered.

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