Fuji XH2s autofocus tracking for Birds/wildlife in action

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Re: Fuji XH2s autofocus tracking for Birds/wildlife in action

Hi Saurav,

I do about 90% avian photography. My work has been published and I've won multiple contests. I shot Nikon for about 15 years before switching to Fuji 3 years ago. I've been using the X-H2s for about 3 months and am very impressed. Subject tracking is not perfect yet it's quite good, particularly for a subject in the air. I've tried other brands and have similarly skilled friends shooting them as well. There is no camera that is perfect with each having there own quirks. Having experimented with other brands as you have I'm convinced I have a very capable camera that's helping me produce wonderful images every time I'm out.

I had a look at your 500 Pix site and that bee eater photo is super and taken with the OM-1 you are unhappy with. Possibly the lens you were using was not the best pick for your application. Small birds are extremely challenging, particularly in flight. Good for you for wanting to take this on. With what I saw I feel you will be able succeed if you put in the time.

All of these cameras need to be set up for the photographer and the subject. Some work more out of the box than others yet there all capable in the correct hands. Here are a few flight images I've taken with the X-H2s. All of these are taken using a Nikon 500mm PF using a Nikon F to Fuji x adapter by a company named Fringer.

The tern is the smallest bird in flight image I could find quickly. The geese and ducks are a bit larger though all of these birds are quite quick.

Good luck with what ever system you chose.


Ps. This thread has a nice woodpecker blast off sequence:


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