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maggiemole wrote:

is there really a problem in using a lightweight travel tripod with M43 cameras?

No problem using a lightweight tripod... even if slightly subjective on being lightweight or not, depending on each own definition... but I would suggest to avoid the very extra light cheap crappy ones...

I had many tripods during my life and I still have several... from heavy very stable good ones like Manfriotto 055 to light magnesium alloy to ultra light Carbon fiber ones.

Have currently 3 travel tripods that fit my cabin luggage, currently my preferred one is a Leofoto Carbon LS-285C + LH36 head,

Lighter that this I have also a Benro Carbon Travel Angel FTA19CV0 with V0 head... but not comparable quality... neither stability on windy days you can see the vibration on eiter G9 or even GX8, no matter lens is 100-400 or smaller ones, tried few benro ball heads... not so stable for these cameras at least...would suggest to go higher end if you want to do long exposition, windy or ground that requires more stability...benro now is stored at homeafter several trips, decided to go higher end after few shaked shots and some scary situations... will probably sell or use in studio just for some flash heads... not going to use again in travel for sure after using hte Leofoto one... on top of this they lie on the Benro Carbon weight...

I alfo have a Benro Traval Algel II Magnesium alloy, not that bad as the carbon one and weight in fact is around just 100g difference (they annouce around -300 g for carbon version, but announced weigh of carbon is without alert) even if older B0 head in my opinios is better than newer V0 not stable enough yet for long exposiiton...or heaviers lenses, but will serve for majority of users, my son is currently use this one that I purchased a few years before the benro carbon..,and I must say I prefer this older one that the newer carbon version... before jumping on the Leofoto... carbon, but thicker diameter and different league and much better ball head...

note: after several experiences I must say, ball head diameter matters... a lot...

Note: well thinking about it I have 4 travel tripods currently if consider a table top one that usually my wife carries in her backpack when we travel for emergency use when I do not carry some other with me... so this one is a travel tripod also...

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