Tamron 20-40mm Review

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Bijo Sam wrote:

SillyPosition wrote:

Bijo Sam wrote:

SillyPosition wrote:

I was really into this lens and that bokeh shot indeed makes me a bit less into it.
On the other hand, tamron bokeh is always a bit annoying, same with their g1 and g2 28-75, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised?

I agree, I prefer the cooler more neutral colors, oof rendering and bokeh of the sigma 28-70 and 16-28 zooms.

yes, me too. But I think tamron focus system is better and faster.
i shoot today with both the sigma and the Sony 35gm. I’m always rethinking which to use and force myself into using the gm when it’s range is good enough for my taste because its better focus system. I feel it in certain situations and i feel that I need more retries with the sigma for sharpest results

thats a really great 2 lens kit. If you had to keep one which would it be?


I love 35 focal length. 
I find myself quite often looking for more than 70mm and more than 28mm. 
For the kind of photography I normally do, such as home videos of my kids, family trips etc, I feel that I need more than 28 and better reach than 70

My original thinking is to get this 20-40 - it will help me significantly by having a wider option that doesn’t involve lens swap if I want 35ish focal length. 
And then get an 85 or something maybe.

problem is that I use the peak design 3L sling bag. I love it and I don’t see myself having anything larger. It fits all my kit right now and I dont see how I squeeze into there a third lens. 
so that’s hard to decide 😞

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