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Pocket Lint wrote:

I find it strange that formats like full frame, or aps-c still use the 3:2 aspect ratio, especially nowadays with such high megapickle sensors.

The lenses design for them have to cover an area wide enough for the longest side, so some of the top and bottom are left un-used.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to use the most area and if one chooses, crop to 3:2 if they wanted to?

Suppose some enterprising company produced a camera that was compatible with Nikon lenses but had a square format sensor. Would the ergonomics of the camera appeal to photographers? And would it perhaps resemble this Hasselblad with an eye level finder?
See https://www.dpreview.com/news/2911654347/hasselblad-shows-75mp-square-format-v-style-v1d-concept-camera

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