OM-1: Autofocus and noise worse with subject recognition?

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Peter Heckert2
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OM-1: Autofocus and noise worse with subject recognition?

I made a test with bird recognition at home.

Left image is with bird recognition, right image is with plain S-AF.
I repeated this test several times and always got the same result:
The image with S-AF is MUCH sharper and has less noise.
The images are plain jpeg out of camera, lossless cropped.

Could it be, the recognition uses so much processing resources, that the autofocus algorithm or stabilization is affected?

Left is bird recognition, right is plain S-AF.

I made these images with IBIS on and handheld.
Now I repeated the test with Lens-OIS and now the images are equally sharp.

So it seems, subject recognition affects IBIS.
Also noise is not affected. Because the sharper image is more brilliant noise is subjectively less perceived.

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