Atomos Ninja V H.265 vs. Internal Recording on Sony A7R III & A7R V

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Re: Atomos Ninja V H.265 vs. Internal Recording on Sony A7R III & A7R V

Thanks for the reply. The reasons you stated are also reasons I am looking to use the ninja. However the ninja also requires a lot of batteries if I’m going to be shooting for several hours and want to use the smaller size batteries for weight reasons. What I’m not liking is the auto focus face/eye tracking on the Sony cannot be used while recording to the ninja and the camera so I can’t record to the camera as a back up. I’m also wondering especially with the new Sony coming out if there are other focusing disadvantages. In addition I can’t touch focus on the ninja. That said using the monitor for recording and basic focusing and exposure is still better. On the other hand not having a monitor is more discrete and I don’t have to carry as much around. So I guess there are a few pros and cons that I’m still grappling with. Why is editing H.265 so much harder on a Mac? I know it’s not a native format like ProRes but the files would also be smaller.

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