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Re: RF 100-500 + RF 1.4x and Quality

R2D2 wrote:

Brian D3300 wrote:

Amazing shots! What settings are you using for birds in flight? I love the RF100-500 with 1.4 combo but not the greatest at in flight shots.

Thanks! The R5 sure helps a lot.

For BIFs it's electronic shutter, 20 FPS. Makes them easier to track in the viewfinder. It's important to keep the subject in exactly the same spot in the viewfinder. Don't let it wander around or else you can get blur, even at pretty fast shutter speeds (which I like to keep at 1/2500 - 1/3200). I also keep Image Stabilization turned off (nothing beats following your subject precisely along its flight path).

Eye AF is on the AF-On button. Spot AF is on the ( * ) button. Servo, Animal Eye AF, Case 2: Tracking Sens to ( - ), Accel/Decel to ( + ). Switching Tracked Subjects to ( 0 ).

I love the "Auto Initial" AF setting for birding. The camera finds the bird wherever it is in the frame, even faster than I can get on target! It's amazing, but like everything else with these fancy focusing systems, it works best the closer/larger your subject is, and how much it stands out from clutter. Higher contrast, well-exposed, easily identifiable subjects work best.

For me, 700mm is about the sweet spot for BIFs (I like between 600 and 800mm). This makes it easier to acquire and keep the birds in the viewfinder. Likewise for the AF. It helps to pre-focus your lens to about the distance you anticipate your subject to appear. Very important for tough subjects like swallows!

I like shooting short bursts generally, and re-focusing from scratch on occasion during a pass. BIFs are quite the challenge, but you get better and better each time out!

Best of luck!


YOu are the best, appreciate it!  I like electronic as well for the lack of shutter shcok.  I need to mess with all those cases you talk about as I have not even looked at them in at least 6 months   Thank you!

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