Is there a way around the 30 minute limit for 4K video?

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Re: Is there a way around the 30 minute limit for 4K video?

Jonathan Thill wrote:

RDM5546 wrote:

tom trinko wrote:

It's fall and leaves are falling. Shock.
So I set up my camera to record falling leaves with the idea that I'd cut and speed it up so it looked like a leaf blizzard.
However after 30 minutes Canon apparently stops recording.
Is there a way around that? I'd like it to run until the battery dies or the card is full; assuming there's not a thermal limit but I don't think there is a thermal limit for 4K 29fps video is there?
Thanks for any help!

Short answer is No and I also hate the limit. It used to be required for sales going to Europe but no more. Canon dropped it from the R3, R10,R7 and now the R6 II changed it's limit to 6 hours. This is a great improvement. People like me keep hoping Canon will give us R5 owners a firmware update to get rid of this 29:59 limit. It is no longer needed or wanted.

I now use my R7 for long video recordings. It has no limit whatsoever. I would prefer to be able to get this on the R5 and then use the R5.

I do wish they would update the R6 and R5 to remove the limit but it might be a grandfathered certification issue with those bodies.

As in they passed European certification based on previous products like the 5D\6D series and removing the limit via firmware would require they re-certify the Cameras.

Just WAG best on some the dealings I have had with Dell certification of servers for different regions.

For the OP, the only way around it is an external recorder like a Atomos Ninja V


Is the certification issue related to thermal effects?

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