Where can I buy Ilford Classic Pearl Paper... and what setting do I use on HP7960??

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There are quite a few versions of the Printasia, some say in their package 'instant dry', and normally they also will say the prints are water-resistant. If that is the case, then you'll start well by choosing the Premium Glossy Film setting in the HP driver.

If the package says 'quick dry' or none at all, chance are they are resin-coated paper (swellable). In this case, choose the Premium Plus Paper will be a good start.

Printasia has two very lovely paper. One is Satin (really define what Satin means, this one!) and the other is Glossy paper. Both are at 238 gsm, both are dealt with in my Paper Chase review (see link below my signature). There I have listed the manufacturing codes. So you may find it useful when you shop for those two particular papers I have tested.

Note: Do read the reviews of these two papers carefully and see if you like them, before forking out money on these papers. Oh yes, the two Printasia papers I have tested have very good longevity as the Ilford Galarie Classic series (and they are all comparable with the HP PPPP). See the Graphical charts for the lightfastness estimates.

Printasia series papers I have tested here look and feel from their Galarie Classic counterpart. They are thinner than the Galarie series too, even though the paper weight between then is only a paltry 2gsm. Go figure!

PicOne wrote:

I'll try that... I had used the PPP Gloss setting and thought it
looked pretty good.

While I have you... what is your quick synopsis of the difference
between the Printasia and Smooth Gloss Ilford papers. No specs
really on Ilford's site for Printasia and wondering if effectively
they're the same paper with slightly different caliper?

THe printasiafun website is a joke...

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