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Cryhavoc38 wrote:

Canon and Sony announce two new cameras that will have mass appeal and Nikon announces a lens that will sell maybe a few hundred copies around the world.

C'mon man!

If Nikon doesn’t float your boat, change systems. I can find reasons to applaud Nikon, and reasons to boo them. Same for Canon and Sony.

not the point of my comment.

Its not about whether or not Nikon "floats my boat" but what Nikon should be doing, in my opinion, to keep current customers, and to entice fence sitters to go with team Yellow.

You’re whining because they haven’t released the lens or camera you want.

What are your qualifications for knowing what Nikon should do? Have you worked in the industry, ? Are you aware of the costs involved? Do you understand their development processes and schedules? Do you know Nikon’s long term goals, and their problems? I bet not. Hence your thoughts on this issue are just as uninformed and worthless as mine.

By the way, one reason to maximise sales of high end gear is the lack of supply of parts especially chips.

As I said, if you don’t like what Nikon are doing, change systems.

So what,  he cannot even express an opinion on a online forum about photographic gear without being part of the camera industry? Talk about being paternalistic. If you don't agree with him it's fine, but if you cannot back up your statements with any fact or logic, than it's also just an opinion like everyone's else.
We do not know as much as Nikon does, that's for sure, but we can still formulate opinions about their product strategy, it is our right as customers. Plus, it's not like Nikon has not made big mistakes in the past, see for example the Nikon 1 series and the Nikon KeyMission....

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