why releasing R Mark II after only 2 yeras

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Re: why releasing R Mark II after only 2 yeras

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just wondering why would Canon release R6 Mark II after only 2 years? is there a real reason or a mahor Problem?

in the Past Canpn would wait 3 to 5 years to release the next model.

The problem (IMO) is that the R6's unit sales have not been up to par in this very important market segment, esp after the introduction of the R7. Canon had to make this move to have a more capable, more viable, and thus more popular body at this price point. It had nothing to do with age or refresh cycle.


It's not only the body. It's also the sensor. At the same time the newer sensor is 24Mp only, which is still not a whole lot compared to the R or the A7IV.

While the megapixel race between R6ii and A7IV is lost, the R6ii wins on all other fronts (fps, no crop 4k60, rolling shutter, etc) People that buy in this price range look further then only megapixels.

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