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Re: Oh please....

silentstorm wrote:

Alastair Norcross wrote:

silentstorm wrote:

I used to use Canon system back in 2007-2013. Ditch it in 2014 after seeing the kind of progress they made.

I don't know how many in the world still interested in old tech, ie. a 24MP FSI FF sensor in 2022, but I can honestly say I'm not one of them. Couple this with no 3rd party lens option.... I really don't see what's the appeal to this new R6.2. Features? I don't see anything interesting either.

Isn’t it starting to get light? Doesn’t that mean you should be leaving?

Your snarky comment doesn't make the R6.2 any better.

One just have to look at Canon own line-up the R7 and see how it is doing.

Quick recap R7:

Crop FSI sensor with 33MP

Mech shutter 15fps. Electronic shutter 30fps

Flash sync 1/250

Price USD1499


FF FSI sensor 24MP

Mech shutter 12fps. Electronic shutter 40fps

Flash sync 1/200

Price USD2499

The R7 has lower vf resolution, limit to UHD 30p video, lower electronic shutter (though 30fps is already super IMO). How important are these differences to majority of photographers? And for USD1000 less?

One just simply has to ask what is the advantage of this R6.2 vs the R7. FF that's it?

Yeah that US pricing is different from EU.
Over here the R7 is €1.519 (incl tax) and the R6II €2.929 (incl tax), so the difference is bigger. But was able to get the R7 for €1.250 (incl tax), so you can find it for a better deal (that you will not be able to find for the R6 II yet).

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