First images with the OM-1 - Ducks!

Started Oct 31, 2022 | Photos thread
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Peter Heckert2
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First images with the OM-1 - Ducks!

I got an OM-1. I should not buy this camera, considering my low retirement income, but it was a used offer much reduced with 20000 shutter count and with 24 months warranty, I was unable to resist.

So I went out on a walk and photographed ducks. No bird recognition, no burst or procapture here.
I used C-AF and S-AF. In comparison to my E-M5III I noticed, the focus is fast, but in some situations it did not confirm focus where the E-M5III had confirmed focus.

The difference is this: With the E-M5III these critical pictures would probably be slightly out of focus, but with the OM-1 all images where in precise focus.

The light was not good, so some images had motion blur due to camera shake or due to subject movement.
I used Topaz sharpen AI to improve these, it does a great job with motion blur.
(I use it almost only to compensate motion blur)
All images are developed in DxO 6, using DeepPrime XD and are cropped.

I had problems taking the images, I got "card error" after each 5 or 10 pics.
At home, some images where corrupted and caused Faststone to hang up.
The reason was probably my SD cards, which are almost 5 years old or more.
I got a newer Sandisk card and so far I could see, this does not seem to have these problems.
Future will show it.

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