Horsehead and Flame Nebula

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Re: Horsehead and Flame Nebula

Gergob wrote:

The Horsehead and Flame Nebula from last night. Captured from Whiskey Creek Recreation area near Valley Springs, CA. The long nights are starting to be super fun. I got 2.5 hours of Luminance on my existing M31 until M45 was up, then 2.5 hours of L on M45 until the Horsehead was at 25 degrees. Started off with the flattener at 925mm but Alnilam showed really bad reflection in my subs. 12:30am in 2C weather I "quickly" swapped the flattener with the reducer so the night is not wasted.
103x120" L
13x120" R
13x120" G
13x120" B
Total integration time: 4h 44min
Bortle scale:4
Telescope: William Optics Fluorostar 132
Reducer: William Optics Flat8 0.72
Camera: QHY600M
Guide Camera: ZWO ASI 290mm
Guide Scope: SVBony SV106
Filters: Chroma LRGB
Mount: iOptron CEM70
Computer: Mele Quieter 3q
Focuser: Pegasus Focus Cube v2
Processing: Pixinsight, StarXTerminator, NoiseXTerminator

Bravo...very good control of the bright belt stars and lovely colour of the flame nebula especially.

best regards,

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