What do miss in the FF camera you no longer use

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Re: What do miss in the FF camera you no longer use

I've been shooting FF since 2008 (Nikon D700) until 2020 (Leica M10). I switched in 2020 and I've been shooting Fuji the last 2 years. Unless FF gear becomes the same size, price, and have the film simulation of Fuji X, I will not be going back to FF.

The Leica M system came close in terms of size, especially the M10 - but let's be honest - RF focusing gets old, and it always worried me that I'm carrying a $10K camera on the streets.

I had a brief stint with Nikon Z6II, which is a great system, but the lenses are HUGE and heavy. The bodies don't have the same enjoyment factor I get with Fuji bodies and their retro dials.

What I miss about FF: Shallow DOF and how easy it is to create with FF, but the Fuji 50 f/1 solved that. I also have 18 1.4 and 33 1.4 and they too, are great for subject iso.

What's making me stick with Fuji X: The film simulations, OMG they are SO GOOD. I'm a JPEG shooter. I just want to shoot and send. After a decade of using LR to edit photos, I've gotten sick of it and now just want beautiful JPEGS out of the camera. Choose film simulation, shoot, send. No more drama with levels, plugins, content aware, etc. The Fuji system is perfect for this.

Again, the only thing I miss about FF is the shallower DOF, but the difference is small and to me, negligible. Plus the fast primes make up for that for the most part. Film simulation, enjoyment, and portability are more important to me than shallower DOF of FF.

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