Do you plan on buying an OM5

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Re: Do you plan on buying an OM5

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There are enough threads on posters explaining their opinion on this camera. While there is seemingly overwhelmingly negative sentiment on the OM5. I thought a poll might give an indication on how it where it lies on the scale.

The specs and features of the OM5 would warrant a way lower price range. I would suggest $699 body only? Maybe I would be keen to buy one brand new since I got my E-M10 II last time for less than $200 2nd hand.

Does any other company have a similar level camera at $699? The specs and features are basically the E-M1 III in smaller body, that isn't a $699 camera.

The X-S10 is still $999 and XT30 II is $899. R10 is $979, even a6400 is still $898. How in the world would one expect this to be $699? It makes no sense.

I don't really care much about other companies, if OM Systems can't do it then I will invest elsewhere or save the money to buy more lens.

However, if they do release a OM-5s (with OM-1 sensor/AF performance + USB Type C connection + dual card slots + updated menus) then I would reckon the $1200 be reasonable at the very least.

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